On today’s episode with Dr. Kyeremanteng, we’re covering all things ROSC: what is ROSC? How do we optimize our patient’s physiology (the A-B-Cs) post-arrest? What happens next – what’s TTM, how does neuroprognostication happen? Lastly, we cover what is the impact to the healthcare system at large.

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Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Dr. Kyeremanteng is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Palliative Care and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Ottawa, his academic interests are in end of life in palliative care and critical care settings, and integration of Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit. 

He has research positions with Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) & Insitut du-savoir Montfort as a Senior Clinician Investigator. As a researcher, he’s interested in using ICU resources more efficiently and improving access to palliative care in the ICU. To help do this, he founded the Resource Optimization Network, a multidisciplinary research group workign to reduce health spending in this area without compromising care. 

Dr. Kyeremanteng is a father of three boys and is passionate, energetic and determined to live life fully while helping others, through his example, to live their dreams.