After the War in Afghanistan, the Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces decided to create a brand new forward aeromedical evacuation capability.

This is where our episode’s guest comes in. We speak with Dr. Leilani Doyle, Lt. Col. with the Canadian Armed Forces about her role in the creation of CMERT – the Canadian Medical Emergency Response Team.

Not only are we going to cover the development, roles, training, and capabilities of the team, we’re also going to discuss how to optimize battlefield medicine, and the challenges of providing high quality medical care from the resus bay in the back of the helicopter to the most austere military environments.

Lastly, we cover how the work being done in the military is impacting civilian prehospital care (e.g blood, TXA, invasive procedures, etc.).

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LCol Leilani Doyle CD, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC


has been in the Canadian Armed Forces for 24 years. Her military career started as a GP with the infantry, with whom she deployed twice (Bosnia & Afghanistan). She then returned to specialty training to become an anesthesiologist. Multiple deployments have since followed to places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. 

Leilani completed a masters in trauma sciences (military and austere) from Queen Mary University London in 2016. Some of her interests include forward aeromedical evacuation and trauma resuscitation (especially remote damage control resuscitation).