Join us this month as we chat with Dr. Simon Hatcher, psychiatrist at the Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Inner City Health, about First Responder Mental Health

Who gets PTSD, what’s the pathway/differences to mental health professionals, how do we heal, and how do we get people back to work are all topics we cover, plus more!

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Dr Simon Hatcher

Dr Simon Hatcher is a Psychiatrist at the Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Inner City Health, a Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and a Full Professor at the University of Ottawa. He has worked as a psychiatrist in clinical, research and leadership roles in non-mental health settings all his professional career starting in Leeds, UK followed by 20 years in Auckland, New Zealand before moving to Canada in 2012. Dr. Hatcher is not good at many things but one thing he does try to do well is to give a voice and meaning to people who are suffering from mental disorders. This is integrated into clinical care, teaching, and research through the Hatching Ideas Lab. Away from his professional work he keeps bees and rides motorbikes but not both at the same time.