About us

 A little information about the people behind bringing you Critical Levels the Podcast.


Zach - The Voice

Zach Cantor is a Primary Care Paramedic for a large urban Ontario Paramedic Service. He also works as a Research Assistant at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Zach is the founder and host of Critical Levels.

Feel free to contact Zach with any ideas or suggestions you have for the show at info@criticallevels.ca 


Ben - The man behind the curtains

Ben Ripley is an Advanced Care Paramedic and Operational Superintendent in a large volume urban Ontario Paramedic Service. Ben has previously spent 7 years working as a Special Operations Paramedic which included time as a Clinical Training Officer. He is a self taught multimedia “jack of all trades” and is excited to be a part of this project. Ben is addicted to travel and an avid backcountry hiker who has attempted a Pacific Crest Trail through hike with hopes to give it another shot in a few years.

Feel free to contact Ben at admin@criticallevels.ca